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Pomegranate is natural born in Central Asia and Persia; therefore optimal temperature for its growth and bearing is between 36-38 and 0 C; In temperate climate pomegranate behaves as deciduous but in tropical and subtropical climate it behaves like evergreen or partly deciduous;


Pomegranate requires 100-150 hours of chill units and at least 6 h of light by day; Pomegranate likes all heat it can get; In humid conditions pomegranate have problem with pomegranate butterfly, absence of fruit setting and also fruits don’t develop sweetness;

Today pomegranate is cultivated throughout world in subtropical and tropical areas with provided irrigation system; Pomegranate production is growing all over the world.


As much as they like heat and light, pomegranate trees are sensitive to high temperature during summer months, especially if it is followed by excessive light, drought, and low relative humidity. In normal seasons a small percentage of damaged fruits appeared trough pomegranates susceptibility to sunscald.

In recent years with climatic changes and extreme weather conditions producers all over the world experience problems, not only with sunscald, but even with progressive form of disorder-sunburns. High incidence of sunburn can contribute weakened rind and subsequent cracking. Burned fruits with cracks are not acceptable at fresh pomegranate market.

After detailed research of different colored nets and their different shading factor on environmental modification (humidity, temperature, light quality) in pomegranate production in South Italy ARRIGONI research department suggests new innovative thermo-reflective screen: ROBUXTA LDF WHITE as ideal solution between required shading and necessary conditions for coloring and ripening process.

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2850BL Robuxta LDF White

Low Density Factor shading screen. Highly resistant thanks to chains and weft in monofilament, second weft in tape with LD additive.

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