The theme of Earth 50th anniversary Celebration is climate action. Important call for all the world to demonstrate support to environmental protection, the future of humanity and our beautiful habitat- planet EARTH.

If we look through the history the Earth’s climate has always been changing, but the current warming trend is of significance because most of it is likely (greater than 95 percent probability according to NASA) to be the result of human activity.  

Today, Earth satellites and advanced technologies have enabled science to see the bigger picture, collecting many different types of information about our planet and its climate on a global scale.

 Global climate is a highly connected system influenced by many different factors. The consequences usually result in positive or negative feedback effects.

Unfortunately, all this new information’s shown that the Earth’s climate responds to changes in greenhouse gas levels produced by human activities. We are facing with temperature raising, warming of the oceans, its acidification and level raising, extreme weather events….

Global climate change has already observable effects on the environment and agriculture production:  more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought, increase in the number, duration and intensity of tropical storms, temperatures rase and reduced frost season.  

Those effects could cause freshwater deficit, compromise our ability to produce food, and increase the number of deaths from floods, storms and heatwaves. Poorer countries, which are less equipped to deal with rapid change, could suffer the most.

Plant and animal extinctions are predicted as habitats change faster than species can adapt. WHO alert that the health of humans could be threatened by water-borne disease and malnutrition.

Responding to climate change is one of the biggest challenges we need to face. It is essential that every company, governments and individuals contribute, as the actions we take now will determinate our world in 50- or 100-years’ time.    

In new world developments, growing human population and need to produce more food with limited sources, we should look beyond the present time and search for green, sustainable solutions that can benefit nature and humans.  It is important to ensure continuous production of food, side by side with soil and environmental preservation, healthy food and responsibility for future generations to use resources and meet their need.

Cover screens in greenhouses, open field, orchard and vineyards are important part of substantial agriculture. They can provide different levels of protection and response to some challenges to achieve perfect conditions for your plants:

  • biological protection against birds and small animals, pest infestations and indirectly virus infection;
  • physical protection against adverse weather conditions (hail, rain, excessive radiation, wind);
  • influence crops by environmental modification (shading, humidity, temperature, improve air movement);
  • affect quality light by controlling the amount of reflected, transmitted and diffused light.
  • Help producer to grow healthy, strong and protected plants with les use of water, energy and fossil fuels.


ARRIGONI company took its part of responsibility in the biggest transformation of new century- environmentalism and offer producers new green solutions to benefit health of plants and people.


The innovative solutions can help producers in fight with extreme weather events, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and improve growing conditions and  reduce water consumption.


The innovative solutions like:


BIORETE AIR PLUS-anti-insect screens with high air permeability

Suppressing damages by Insect Screen Control – BIORETE we can significantly reduce the need for chemical inputs in crop production and reduce pollution levels in food and soil. Furthermore, by providing better air movement -BIORETE AIR PLUS we can improve humidity conditions in greenhouses and reduce presence of fungal diseases.


PRISMA & ROBUXTA- shading screens with light diffusion effect

Screens can be useful tool to stimulate and regulate the most important physiological processes like photosynthesis, transpiration and respiration. For example, wide range of thermo-reflective PRISMA & ROBUXTA screens with light diffusion additive and different shading factor (30-90%) can provide right amount of light and optimal temperatures for different crops, cultivation areas and climates. Simple application of screens in greenhouses, open field or orchards will not affect significantly environment, but help water savings, ensure high yields, continuous production and high-quality products.

PROTECTA-rain control

Multifunctional screen that can provide continuous production in extreme weather conditions.  Offering dry habitat for plants, protection against frost, hail, high temperature and insects PROTECTA help crop production in clean, safe, and sustainable way.


 ARRIGONI company invites all agricultural producers to join us in this in this noble action. Together we can produce food and make a world better please.

Let’s protect the future. Our planet matters.

Happy earth day!