BIORETE® AIR PLUS Insect-proof nettings

Arrigoni developed the new line of insect netting BIORETE® AIR PLUS. This new range allows to improve microclimate in protected environment agriculture and offer insect netting with maximum efficiency in the exclusion of most harmful insects, including the very small Thrips (thripidae).

The anti-insect BIORETE® AIR PLUS nets therefore offer 5 important advantages:

  1. Reduced hole size and efficiency in the exclusion of insects
  2. More holes per square meter for the same hole size, thanks to ARLENE HT® yarn even thinner and with higher tenacity. As a consequence, greater porosity and increase in the passage of air into the greenhouse;
  3. Increased air flow from the outside to the inside of greenhouses improves microclimate, for lower temperatures and more comfortable humidity conditions for plants;
  4. BIORETE® insect netting reduces pesticides needs. At the same time, the ideal microclimate and the improved connection of plants with the external environment ensure a more abundant and above all healthier crop thanks to healthier and stronger plants;
  5. Finally, the use of a greater number of wefts made from ARLENE HT® means a more structured, stable and uniform netting.

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Worldwide distribution of the most harmful insects for greenhouse production. Whether it’s insects of gen. Bemisia, of thrips or aphids, their distribution is global.

Producers face several problems, especially if we talk about passive greenhouse (without ventilation). On hot days, insufficient ventilation causes:

  • temperature increase
  • increased humidity
  • lower rate of CO²
  • water stress
  • greater presence of pests and diseases
  • increased losses due to virosis
  • high level of pesticide application
  • inefficient pollination

All these problems lead to a reduction in production and a low quality of crops.

To improve the passage of air we have improved the textile structure of the screen, which has allowed us to obtain a greater number of holes per square meter and increase ventilation with the same level of protection.

The flat-section monofilament reduces the hole size in three dimensions across the entire netting and increases the level of security.

The exceptional quality and UV stabilization of BIORETE AIR PLUS screens guarantee long life and an intelligent investment.

To ensure protection, it is important to measure the critical size of insects. In fact, it is important to measure the diameter of the thorax and abdomen. It is important to test a large number of insects in the population because there are always very small or larger specimens within the same species.

In collaboration with entomologists, all of our anti insect nets are tested with insect populations in vivo.


The anti-insect netting BIORETE® AIR PLUS range is a truly innovative product: their weight per square meter is significantly lower than the corresponding products of the competition.

In the specific case of agricultural nettings use of poor polymers, lack of a modern Quality Control Laboratory or the processing with obsolete machinery force competitors to extrude thicker yarns. On the other hand, higher tensile strenght can be achieved with thinner yarns, produced with first-choice polymers, with a perfect formulation and with state-of-the-art machinery, as happens in Arrigoni with the ARLENE HT® monofilament.


This table summarizes the comparison between Arrigoni fabrics and the competition:

This explains how the exceptional quality of raw materials, research, constant quality control and the use of very modern equipment make it possible to produce lighter but better performing fabrics. At the same time, this guarantee long life for your insect screen and a truly intelligent investment.

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