Landfills and decontaminations


High tenacity net, it is laid above the sheaths for covering open landfills or on contaminated land to be reclaimed.


Open landfills require robust geomembranes to cover waste and to delimit the area, contain fumes and prevent rainwater from being added to leachate. Even polluted industrial land awaiting reclamation is covered by waterproof sheaths.
CONTAINING NET is a robust geotextile in high tenacity HDPE monofilament specially designed to


coat these geomembranes. The fabric adds a strong windbreak effect, increases the tensile strength and prevents tearing and breaking of the underlying geomembrane.

Wide mesh nets as RETE SPORT stand on the perimeter of landfills as barriers to retain lightweight plastic waste raised by the wind.

indicated products

2093WO Containing Net 240

4505VE Rete Sport 4.5 cm

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