DELIMITA® Breathe Easily

Delimita, the technical fabric created specifically for social distance at the time of the virus. The project was born from the experience of Arrigoni, the leading company in Europe in the high tech protective fabric sector.

With technological know-how and expertise of over 50 years in the production of technical fabrics for agriculture and industry, Arrigoni today presents Delimita: a double-layer network capable of protecting people from the spread of the virus in outdoor spaces.

The aim of the project is to launch the product to the selected target of public administration, opinion leaders, institutions and companies, in order to make known the reality of Delimita, enhance its advantages and technological features, making the professional dimension perceived in an authoritative and distinctive way of excellence of Arrigoni.

The starting point of this communication path is the brand’s mission: to improve the quality of life of people at the time of the coronavirus, to return to a natural and pleasant, but safer and more comfortable everyday life. “Breathe Easily” is the company claim created by the agency, confirming this positioning.

The communication campaign provides for the involvement of the daily and periodical press medium, and its declination in digital. The key message is made explicit by the headline, assertive, clear, and simple: “The virus needs water, but you need air.” A message that clearly explains that Delimita’s technology allows the passage of air and light, but blocks the droplets through which the virus spreads. In fact, the bodycopy fully explains the technology, which for all is new and above all distinctive compared to commonly used plastic panels.

“The strength of this product manifests itself. We are talking about the best innovation in this time of crisis, you just need to know it, to appreciate it and confirm its value. “

Paolo Arrigoni, CEO of the Arrigoni group continues “This is the goal of our project: to give voice to Delimita, to allow the introduction of new technology in everyone’s life, starting from opinion leaders and the public administration. We believe this is the beginning of a path for the change and improvement of public spaces, the first innovative solution against the virus that will allow us to return to our habits and freedoms, but with a guarantee of protection for everyone. “