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Arrigoni has a strong experience in the creation of protective nets installed in difficult climatic environments. Our laboratory has the most modern measuring and testing instruments to guarantee the customer a certified product of high quality and long life.

laboratory instruments

Accelerated Weathering Tester

It simulates the performance of fabrics over the years and provides precise information on the effect of UV radiation on the finished product;

Climatic Chamber

It is able to recreate extreme weather conditions by controlling temperature and humidity: the temperature range goes from -40 ° C to + 180 ° C, the relative humidity from 10% to 95%;

Strength tester

it allows to carry out various types of tests on the mechanical properties of fabrics and yarns;

Air permeability testers

Three devices specially designed to characterize the performance of the nets when exposed to the wind coming from different directions;

Rain permeability tester

Unique tester of its kind, designed to simulate the performance of the fabric when exposed to rainfalls of different intensity;

Outdoor light and thermal effect kit

Multisensor datalogger device, composed of a combination of class 1 spectroradiometers and special temperature sensors for the study of the shadowing in the field and the thermal influence of the shading screens on the underlying crops.

Shading tester

Device able to measure in the laboratory the percentage of shading consequent to incident solar radiation perpendicular to the sample;

Melt flow index tester

Permette una rapida verifica della qualità delle materie prime utilizzate nei processi di estrusione;

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