Eco garden
The ECO GARDEN section of Arrigoni is part of the AGROTEXTILES division, which offers high tenacity and long lasting nets used for the climatic and biological control of crops, in addition to various types of nets. Among these, there are useful nets for protection (form birds, hall, wind, sun, frost, insects, weed), nets for support of climbing plants and non-woven fleece. The ECO GARDEN division of Arrigoni is devoted to useful instruments for everyone interested in gardening and do-it-yourself works outside the house. The importance of dedicating some time to nature is reflected in our product selection: nets and textiles for protection, to apply for the care of the garden, studied for easy employment by hobbists and nature lovers, built with high quality materials.

For your health protection IN THE VEGETABLE GARDEN

  • INSECT PROTECTION: screens prevent harmful insects from attacking crops in order to avoid the use of pesticides
  • HAIL PROTECTION: Nettings placed over the crops prevent the hail from damaging the cultivation
  • MULCHING and STAKES: Fabrics placed over the ground prevent the growth of weeds
  • BIRD PROTECTION: They protect seeds, vegetables and fruits from the voracity of birds
  • FROST PROTECTION: Non-woven sheets and caps protect vegetables and flowers in the open field and potted plants from frost
  • PLANT SUPPORT: Wide mesh nettings ideal for guaranteeing the best support for vegetables and climbing plants
  • MAKING FENCES: lightweight and flexible nets, they do not rust, ideal for making small fences for pets

Insect Protection

High transparency nettings with calibrated hole dimension for insect control, they avoid the use of pesticides.

Hail Protection

Knitted netting made from polyethylene monofilament. They protect crops from damage caused by bad weather. Simple to install, they adapt to all support structures.

Mulching and Stakes

Products with different characteristics, used both in vegetable and ornamental garden to prevent weed growth in a completely natural way. The stakes are used to fix the different fabrics to the ground.

Bird Protection

Extruded nets and knitted nets, placed on fruit trees and vegetables prevent the birds from eating the crops.

Frost Protection

Fabrics with different tenacity characteristics available in sheets and even caps to protect vegetables, flowers and potted plants from frost during the winter. The sheets are fixed to the ground using useful plastic nails.

Plant Support

Extruded net with very large meshes, ideal as support for vegetables, flowers and climbing plants.

Making Fences

Extruded nets with different meshes to make fences for pets or to prevent animals from passing through the fences.

For your wellness IN THE GARDEN

  • SHADING SCREENS: Practical and versatile textile screens to create pleasant shaded areas for relaxation
  • SHIELDING SCREENS: Dense fabrics applied to fences ensure privacy
  • BAD WEATHER PROTECTION: Strong plastic-coated sheets with perimeter metal eyelets
  • NET FOR BALCONIES: Pleasant-looking plastic nets prevent objects from falling accidentally from the balconies


Elegant, robust and functional polyethylene tape knitted screens. They create shady areas in gardens, terraces, and playgrounds. The white colour, compared to the classic dark-coloured screens, reduces the temper- ature below the coverage, making the area fresher and more pleasant.


knitted tape nettings made to screen and to fence relaxation areas and to protect your privacy. The anthracite colour is particularly suitable for application on galvanized iron and steel fences in modern living environments.


Plastic-coated sheets with metal eyelets on the perimeter, used to protect garden furniture, outdoor tools and materials from the weather: one side of the sheet is metallized to reflect the sun’s rays and keep the environment and underlying materials cool.


Ornamental nets positioned on the balconies to prevent the accidental fall of small objects. Also excellent for delimiting garden areas or as supports for outdoor drying of fruits and vegetables.

For your leisure  OUTDOOR

  • OUTDOOR Mats: Practical multi-purpose fabrics used as mats and as shading screen for the outside of tents and caravans
  • Shading SCREENS: Range of particularly robust fabrics with a pleasant aesthetic look


Dense fabrics made by weaving synthetic yarns. They are ideal as outdoor mats for tents and caravans, shade the pitch and keep the relaxation area clean. Agritela Garden Green can also be used as an economic alternative to total shielding fabrics on fences.


Range of high-quality fabrics, robust and elegant, made in different modern and charming colours. Ideal for protection from the sun and for ensure privacy. Possibility of two different finishes: ■ Finitura tenso with metal hooks at each corner ■ Finitura premium with aluminium eye-lets every 50 cm.