Research and Development

Main R&D aims and scopes

Improving process performance:

Designing a new production environment for new and optimized strategies;

The reduction of manufacturing defects, intervening on devices and processes;

Developing innovative and performing products

Defining properties with a strong link to product performance;

Measuring when conditions are perfectly known and devices are accurately chosen or designed to each purpose;

Collaborating with highly skilled players (universities, research institutes, companies)

Characterizing Arrigoni’s products (yarns and technical textiles):

air permeability of fabrics;

investigation of the behavior of textiles when exposed to rain;

measurement of the interaction with solar radiation (transmission, reflection, light diffusion);

measurement of the standard shading coefficient;

evaluation of the stress / deformation curve – elongation over time and following exposure to sun, rain and humidity;

assessment of the environmental impact (eg energy content of the product, reduction of water requirements).

Main research focus

light diffusion

temperature control

breaking strength

rain control

air flow

water saving

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