Social Responsibility


Arrigoni is committed to conducting business responsibly, with integrity and transparency, and contributing to the well-being of its collaborators, employees, and the community. We believe that ethics and fairness are the only winning ways to manage long-term business relationships.

Dedicated to serving our customers in more than 75 countries worldwide with quality products, we reaffirm our daily reputation for competence, fairness, and reliability since 1936.

We have always distinguished ourselves with our sensitivity to the need to promote and consolidate the culture of transparency and integrity. We are aware of the importance of adopting a control system for the legality and correctness of business activities. Therefore, since 2023, we have adopted an Organization, Management, and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 (the so-called Model 231) – introducing in Italy the accountability of organizations for certain offenses committed in their interest or for their benefit – aimed at preventing the commission of crimes by all those operating for the company, as outlined in the Decree.

While the adoption of the Model is optional and not mandatory, it represents an opportunity to strengthen our governance culture and reaffirm our ethical values.


Arrigoni S.p.A., the flagship of the Arrigoni Group, is dedicated to the production of agrotextiles and nets for agriculture, promoting climatic control and healthier food production. Strong environmental consciousness, experience, and customer proximity guide the company’s mission. Committed to ethics and integrity, we recognize that growth and sustainability stem from a workplace that respects values. In the pursuit of sustainable goals, we focus on technical quality, performance optimization, and the protection of relationships with suppliers, investors, staff, and communities. In a time of significant challenges, we have formalized fundamental ethical principles in our Code of Ethics, a dynamic document that attests to our commitment and establishes standards of business conduct in our daily operations. The transparency guaranteed by the Code of Ethics provides assurance to customers, employees, partners, suppliers, investors, and communities.


The Organizational Model includes the Code of Ethics, which describes the company’s mission and lists the rights, duties, and responsibilities towards various stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, public administration, etc.). The General Section of the model outlines the purposes and principles, identifying and regulating essential components, including the disciplinary system. The Special Section describes predicate offenses for administrative responsibility, maps the risks associated with offenses under Legislative Decree 231/2001, and refers to specific procedures in its sections. To ensure maximum transparency and integrity, a Supervisory Body (SB) is also established, a third-party entity with powers of initiative and control tasked with overseeing that fraudulent conduct does not occur among the top figures of the organization.
The Company has established a digital channel called “My Governance” for the submission of reports through the Whistleblowing mechanism. The platform is accessible online and allows for anonymous reports to the Whistleblowing Office. Reports must be detailed and substantiated, including a complete description of the facts, temporal and spatial details, information about the identity of the involved party, supporting documents, potential witnesses, and other relevant information. The channel guides the reporter through the process and requires the mandatory completion of specific fields. Please refer to the “Whistleblowing” section below for all information regarding the reporting procedures.