Coffee Drying

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In order to preserve organoleptic and aromatic characteristics, coffee drupes must be treated properly before use. Before roasting, the beans are subjected to a series of processes that begin with the harvest and go through the drying process.


Drying is one of the processes that most influences the final characteristics of the product, determines its value and, consequently, its selling price Generally after manual harvesting, the finest coffees undergo a slow drying process. The grains are placed in large vats filled with water and classified according to their flotation. Then, the pulp is removed and the grains

fermented in a controlled way, from 12 to 48 hours, amplifying its aroma and sweetness. Finally, grains are washed and dried in the sun. In this phase, perfect control of moisture is essential to avoid rot. The need to expose the coffee beans to the sun involves storing them indoors when the rains arrive, which is very common during the harvest season.



Thanks to its high breathability, it allows a high hygrometry management and a better drying; With the outer flaps folded over the grains, it provides the proper shading and attenuates the intensity of the sun’s rays for the best preservation of all the organoleptic qualities of the coffee, reducing the oxidation; Its warp-knitted mesh, highly run-proof, it guarantees the longevity of the fabric.


With a width of 2.5 meters, the fabric extends over tables up to 1.80 meters wide and up to 25 meters long.  An underlying wire mesh supports the weight of the grains which even reaches 2 tons at full load. On sunny days, the outer flaps bend over the grains;


At the slightest sign of rain, the operators roll the fabric lengthwise for easy removal in covered warehouses.
The coffee takes up to 20 days to dry and requires constant care.

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