Pineapple protection

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Plant protection by shading nets with the right shading factor and high resistance at solar radiation is the efficient and  most profitable solution for good practices in pinapple production. It is the most effective and profitable solution to minimize negative plant physiological stresses, improve plant health and performance, and enhance pinapple to produce high yield of good fruit quality.


Extreme weather conditions like high insolation, hail, wind and other factors outside of growers control, terribly affects yield and fruit quality with respect to damages, shelf life and nutritional value. Temperature is the most important climatic factor affecting productivity. The optimum air temperature is 32°C

during the day and 20°C at night. For every 1°C above or below, the optimum growth rates decrease by about 6 %. During periods of intense sunlight and high temperature (above about 35°C), fruit is susceptible to sunburn damage. Pineapple is fairly drought resistant but for high yields a well distributed annual rainfall of at least 1000 mm is required.


Reduction of the excessive solar radiation on pineapple crops and protection from sunburns
Comfortable microclimate environmental  due to the temperature reduction.

Improved conditions for plant growing and development.
Reduction of the crop cycle duration of almost 1 month.
Strong wind protection.

Reduction in evapotranspiration – soil humidity is retained by better water use efficiency.
Reusable for many cultural cycles.
Fewer workers to cover plants compared to covering plants by newspaper or by pineapple leaves – lower productive costs.

more indicated nets

2635NE Agri LDF black

Low Density Factor shading net, in HDPE tape.


Medium wind barrier and shading net in HDPE monofilament woven mesh. Black color.
Insect screen

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