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ARRICOVER protective screen protect plants from undesired weather conditions and provides comfortable microclimatic environmental for plant development.


Sugar beet crops for seed production need an efficient protection during the winter in first seed productive year and favourable microclimate conditions to develop strong green tree in next year with a lot of flowers and seeds.

Protection from hoarfrost and less damages on leaves Stronger plants in the second year Less rot diseases thanks to the transpiration of the fabric Increase production High mechanics resistance on agricultural machinery Reusable for many life plant cycles



Frost protection
ARRICOVER transparency combined with the typical transpiration of knitted fabrics provides good gas exchange and create dried habitat. Less humidity in natural habitat increases frost resistance of plants.
As physical barrier in process of freezing ARRICOVER keeps water deposited on surface of fabric instead of crops surface. Furthermore, this freezing process on surface of ARRICOVER fabric improves exothermic reaction and creates heat which additionally increases temperature of plant habitat.


ARRICOVER provides minor fluctuations in relative humidity and reduces the stress caused by dehydration. Weaken thermal shocks by reducing temperature oscillations.
The particular transparency of ARRICOVER allows the passage of light and creates optimal conditions for photosynthesis. Good permeability of fabric creates environmental without condensation and less favorable conditions for fungal diseases development.
Thanks to the favorable microclimate under the net, salad plants protected by ARRICOVER have optimized ratio between vigor and generative potential, better vegetable visual appearance and nutritional quality.


As physical barrier ARRICOVER protects plants from heavy rain and light hail. It prevents contact with different insects, animals and birds that could cause relevant damages in plantations. Furthermore ARRICOVER protects crops from the wind action and mechanical damages. At same time the strength of the fabric allows use in windy areas without risk of tearing. In extreme weather conditions it is possible to place ARRICOVER onto non woven fabric AGRIVELO in order to obtain a higher protection and increase temperatures during sunny days

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Innovative screen for open field cropping, it betters microclimate and protects against frost, insects and light hail.

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