case history

Comparative test for PROTECTA SYSTEM on Cherry

Rain, Drosophila Suzukii and other insects represent the main threats to the cherry cropping. PROTECTA® SYSTEM is the multi-protective screen for protection from rain, hail, sun and wind integrated with BIORETE® insect screens.

The innovative PROTECTA SYSTEM has undergone a comparative test in France on 5 hectares in total.

Here are the advantages compared to plastic film and open field:

  • Reduces water flow up to 90%.
  • Protection from insects: lower application of pesticides reduces the costs for safer food
  • 5 in 1 protection: rain, insects, hail, wind and sun.
  • The fruits grown under PROTECTA SYSTEM guaranteed a 20% increase in sales thanks to higher value fruits.
  • Spots have been created on the fruit under plastic film due to the fall of hot condensate water from the film.
  • Easy closing of the net, less labor. Its calculated that closing of plastic film and hail net requires 120 h more working hours.