case history

ROBUXTA®: temperature control on blueberry in Namibia

The installation of a blueberry orchard covered by ROBUXTA® was recently completed in Namibia, a country in Southern Africa where blueberry production is growing rapidly.

The site where blueberries are grown is located in northern Namibia on the border with Angola.

The project involved covering 20 hectares with ROBUXTA® screens. However, the area being installed is much larger and will be completed in the next 5 years.

It is a national agricultural redevelopment project for the area.

Since the first tests, great satisfaction has been detected by the staff of agronomists on site. Under cover, temperatures of several degrees lower than the surrounding temperature were reached, up to 10 degrees lower.

In general, there are positive expectations for the conversion of the area into an agricultural center also thanks to Arrigoni’s expertise.