The Consul General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City meets Arrigoni

The meeting took place on the occasion of the first and most important fair in the horticultural sector in Vietnam.

HortEx Vietnam for Arrigoni is not just an opportunity to meet the most innovative players in our sector from this dynamic Asian economy. The important Vietnamese fair is also an opportunity to discuss about food security with the heads of the Italian mission in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Italian delegation on the occasion of the meeting at the Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. At the center Dante Brandi, Consul General and Patrizia Giuliani, Export Manager of Arrigoni.

“The meeting with the Consul Brandi was really very interesting – underlines Patrizia Giuliani. Food security is a very hot topic here in Vietnam. With its innovative agrotextile Arrigoni is a provider of valid solutions because it ensures the improvement of cultivation practices at all levels. Our slogan is, in fact, Advanced Agrotextiles for Safe Food and Climate Control!

“Speaking of food security also means ensuring adequate protection of crops – continues the Export manager. Our solutions not only ensure the harvest, but guarantee a healthier harvest, therefore safe from all points of view”

Following the meeting, the Consul Brandi reiterated the commitment of the Consulate General to support any possible action concerning the diffusion of the Arrigoni brand in Vietnam. It is also very important for the Italian authorities to dialogue with local authorities and other associations in the agri-food sector on food safety issues and environmental impact.

Many thanks then for this important opportunity to the Consulate General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City and in particular the Consul General Dante Brandi.