Paolo Arrigoni about the Arrigoni Group’s operations

23 March 2020

Dear valuable partners,

First of all, a wish for good health for you and your loved ones.

The seriousness – and the complexity – of the situation are known to all, each of us is called now to assume a strong attitude of responsibility.

Responsibility in behavior: hygiene and distance.

Responsibility in attitudes: calm and positivity.

It is necessary to accentuate our “resilience”, our ability to deal with dramatic events in a positive way, to positively reorganize our lives despite the difficulties.

Good readings, a good film, a reflection on the important values of our existence: this is the opportunity that COVID 19 offers us.

And now some information about our operations.

Arrigoni belongs to the agricultural supply chain: it produces mesh fabrics for climate and biological control of crops. Essential products for obtaining healthy and safe food.

It is therefore our duty to ensure our partners the continuity and efficiency of our services.

Our wonderful team – over 160 women and men – is mature, responsible, cohesive. All precautions have been taken, operations in our three plants continue safely.

I am sure that this difficult period will soon pass, and then we will be stronger and more mature.

A hug to you all – remotely and safely.

Paolo Arrigoni

Group C.E.O.