Arrigoni insect screens: protection from insects and great air flow

The Santa Rita production center (Ríoverde, San Luis Potosí – Mexico) uses the BIORETE® AIR PLUS monofilament insect screen from Arrigoni on its 40 hectares of high-tech greenhouses.

The Santa Rita production center is one of Mexico’s leading producers of speciality tomatoes. It is a highly competitive, profitable and innovative company committed to quality: it offers a product that is harmless and safe, with defined color, compactness, size and taste, depending on the variety and with an exact weight. At the forefront in terms of quality, 96% of their completely organic production reaches the US and Canadian markets.



“What made us change was a sample. We did a test, we saw the data sheets, we analyzed it and as a result of the good result he gave us, we will implement the Arrigoni insect screen in the 40 hectares of high-tech greenhouse we manage ”.

Juan Antonio Segura – Operations Director, Santa Rita Production Center

In Mexico the production of tomatoes, peppers, berry fruits and all the crops with higher added value are made on a large scale, with very high yields. The news is yet another confirmation of how high-tech solutions such as the screens of the BIORETE® AIR PLUS range are essential to maintain these advanced standards.

BIORETE® AIR PLUS is a range of innovative anti-insect nets made from ARLENE HT®, high-strenght and even thinner special HDPE monofilament. These insect-proof nettings are ideal for safe production thanks to increased ventilation.

Here are the main advantages:

1) Improved ventilation with the same level of protection;

2) Reduced temperatures inside the greenhouses;

3) Lower presence of cryptogamic diseases;

4) Better fruit setting and vegetable growth, and

5) Preferable quality and sensory properties of fruit.


“Ventilation in greenhouses is so important that much of what made us change is the thickness of its monofilament, which allows us more ventilation.

The tests we have done have given us a great result: we want our seedbeds to be always fresher and now we have this certainty, in addition to the perfect control we have of insects in greenhouses”.

Juan Antonio Segura – Operations Director, Santa Rita Production Center