When Extreme Weather Conditions Occur In Cherry Season

Year 2021 fell hard for most of cherry producers. like much of Europe Italy fell asleep in early spring. low temperatures in March took away first cherry flowers. after a month of April characterized by temperatures below the average for the period, may also seems to want to follow the same path, with an unstable thunderstorm, a lot of rain and even snowfall events.

Agriculture needs rain! but how about some sunny days between!


Rare sunny days, extreme temperatures and cool rains slowed down fruit growth and maturation, increase fruit cracking and rampant sporulation of fungal disease.

Everybody likes cherry snack, but no one likes cracking lesions and mold!

Early variety and organic cherry producers were particularly affected. Cherries are among the hardest crops to grow organically. In rainy season conventional fungicides can help, but organic farm possibilities are very limited.

We cannot control extreme weather conditions or keep umbrella above our cherry trees, but we can use solutions of modern agriculture!

Arrigoni’s cherry protection solutions are distinguished from traditional protective systems in terms of both effectiveness and degree of innovation. Arrigoni’s purpose was to create, maintain and restore conditions favorable to the growth and increase of the natural resistance of the plant itself.

Plant welfare become our imperative!

We united material engineers, agronomist and experienced cherry produces and created innovation: PROTECTA® rain control screen. But we needed more than simple physical protection – we needed multifunctional system with complete control of ambient conditions.

And so was born PROTECTA SYSTEM!

Rain cover netting

PROTECTA SYSTEM includes two screens: PROTECTA – rain control screen and BIORETE AIR PLUS – insect screens with high air permeability.

High tenacity ARLENE HT® monofilament, special additivities and screen structure porosity helped creating safe environment, without excessive rain and humidity, protected from wind or hail.

We improved light quality and brought diffused light and optimal shading level to cherry plants to stimulate early ripening and good organoleptic properties.

Insect screens in PROTECTA SYSTEM are in charge that cherry fruits arrive on your table perfect and without insecticides residues.

With structure solutions and screen installation we increase stability and give opportunity to cherry growth in very windy areas.

Our special recipes of high tenacity ARLENE HT® monofilament guarantees three times longer duration compared to plastic film.

Every detail of Arrigoni rain control solution was studied carefully to bring high quality cherries, continuous production, and satisfied customers.

Select PROTECTA SYSTEM, it will bring multifunctionality and security in your cherry production

Arrigoni solution will keep you always in business!

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