case history

Heat waves: wine grapes are safe

In France, no winegrower can no longer be considered immune to the effects of climate change. On the other hand, increasingly extreme weather phenomena put a strain on vine cultivation in the rest of Europe and beyond.

In collaboration with several research institutes, Arrigoni has developed an innovative solution to the problem of heat stroke that affects the vines and that involves the sudden drying of leaves and bunches.

Thanks to the monofilament in chain and weft, and to the second weave tape, ROBUXTA® combines shading and temperature control with protection from hail – the main threat in the cultivation of wine and table grapes.

In the recent field tests in France (Château Minuty), ROBUXTA® showed:

  • Excellent temperature control;
  • No desiccation;
  • Well-hydrated grapes (compared to clusters of control lines not protected by ROBUXTA®).

Some data on the installation:

  • Orientation of the vineyard: N / S. ROBUXTA® was installed at the end of July on the west side;
  • Non-irrigated vineyard;
  • The harvest took place in the first half of September, about 5/6 weeks after the installation of ROBUXTA®.

At the end of the test, the agronomist staff of the famous winery declared themselves very satisfied. The protection will be extended to other parcels that have suffered excessive heat in recent years.